Is It Hard to Get an American Express Card?

Many people are wondering if it is difficult to get an AMEX card. To answer this question, we will need to understand how the application process works for these cards. There are a few factors that affect whether or not you will be granted an American Express card and they include: your credit score, income level, and available credit lines with other banks. The first step in determining whether or not you qualify for an AMEX card is getting your free monthly FICO Score from so that you know where you stand on the scale of good to bad credit!

Income level is also a factor when it comes to getting an AMEX card. In order to be approved for one, you have to make at least $18,000 per year and that number increases with the credit limit of the card being applied for (for example, if you apply for a Platinum Card). The last major requirement in the application process is to have a good standing with other banks. This means that you need to be maintaining positive credit and not maxed out on your current lines of credit. If all of these factors are in place, then it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to get an AMEX card!

What is the easiest American Express card to get?

If you’re looking for the easiest American Express card to get, it’s probably either an AMEX Blue Card or Gold Card. The reason these cards are easier to obtain than other AMEX cards is that they require a lower credit score of 650 and can be used anywhere outside of North America!

What FICO score does AMEX use?

AMEX uses the same FICO score that other credit card companies use. The difference is that AMEX requires a higher score of 700 or above to be approved for an account with them.

What credit score do you need for an American Express credit card?

The AMEX credit score requirement is 700 or above.

American Express Cards: Ordered Hardest to Easiest to Get

1. AMEX Black: Millionaires have this one. There are no charges, no caps, the lowest fixed interest rate and the highest annual membership (carry), fees. It is not possible to apply online for the card. You must request it from your bank or financial advisor.

 2. AMEX Platinum: Limits of approximately 50 to 100K based upon income, credit score, and payment history with AMEX. Annual membership fee of $550 and low fixed interest rate

 3. AMEX Gold: Limits up to 50k based upon income, credit score, and payment history. Based on credit score, lower fixed interest rates than other credit cards. $250 annual membership fee

 4. AMEX Green: Limits up to 25K based upon income and credit score. A moderate fixed interest rate with a $150 annual membership fee.

 5. AMEX Everyday (formerly Blue): This card works just like any basic credit card. Based on your income and credit score, you can get charges up to 20K dollars. Variable interest rate (12-33%). There is no annual fee for membership. It is not the most prestigious AMEX Card, but it’s more prestigious than Visa / Mastercard for travel in certain areas.

A step-by-step guide to getting a Premium American Express Card

  1. Excellent credit is essential. This is a difficult part. This requires a long history of responsible credit usage.
  2. American Express Platinum Card Card Application and Approval. If your income and credit score are good, this should be no problem. The annual fee is not due the first year. However, you will be charged $450 each year thereafter.
  3. You should be making a huge income and still have high-value assets. The annual income of seven figures is what we are referring to. Assets roughy are also discussed in the range of $5-10m.
  4. Your Platinum Card allows you to spend huge amounts of money. Spend between $250,000 and $750,000 per year.
  5. Just sit down and wait. This is the hardest part. Only invited guests can apply for the Centurion Card. It’s up to you to wait for AMEX to notice your income, net worth and spending habits and determine if you are worthy of this most prestigious card. Contacting AMEX may help speed up the process. Contact their executive office first. They are able to make these invitations come true. You are such a high society and deserve AMEX’s finest!
  6. Accept your invitation. You’ve done it! It’s been a long, difficult journey that brought you to this point in your life.  Now you just need to accept the invitation, pay $7,500 for activation, and then get your card. You will need to pay an annual fee of $2,500+, but it is only a drop in your bucket.
  7. Enjoy. Now you are a member of AMEX’s most exclusive club. You now have the power and privileges of a card that has no limit (I am going to assume that the Centurion Card is actually limitless, even though the other “no preset limit” cards aren’t). This card is only available to a select few.

Final Thoughts

If you have excellent credit, it’s not difficult to get an American Express card. The AMEX Black Card is only available for millionaires and requires a high FICO score of 700+. For the less elite but still exclusive Platinum Card, your annual income must be in the range of $250K-$750K with assets worth between $5-10M. Your eligibility will depend on how much money you make as well as what assets you own. If all that sounds like too much work or if you’re just looking for something more basic (but still prestigious), then there are also cards like Green and Everyday Cards which offer different levels of benefits depending upon your income level and credit history with AMEX.

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