15 Proven Ways to Make Money on Steam: Earn from Playing Video Games

Steam is a popular online gaming platform that has been around for over 10 years. With so many people using Steam to play games, it’s no surprise that there are some really creative ways to make money with it! In this blog post, I will share my favorite methods of how you can earn from playing games on Steam.

1. Steam Wallet Codes

Steam Wallet Codes are a great way to not only get money from playing games on Steam, but also use the funds in future purchases. You can purchase Steam Wallet Codes at some retailers and online websites such as Amazon or GameStop. Once you have purchased your code for any amount between $20-$100, simply log into your Steam account and redeem your Steam Wallet Code.

2. Steam Trading Cards and Emoticons

Did you know that Steam trading cards are actually a form of currency? You can collect these cards while playing your favorite games to either craft badges or sell them on the market. The value of each card varies based on which specific set it comes from and how rare it is.

Emoticons are another form of currency that you can use in Steam chat and group chats to impress your friends or whatever audience you choose! Emoticons also have a value based on which ones they are, so make sure when playing games for the cards, collect emoticons too!

3. Steam Achievements

This might not seem like a way to make money on Steam, but have you ever thought about selling your hard-earned achievements? Instead of bragging to all of your friends in person or through chat how high up the leaderboards you are, why not sell this information for real life cash. A quick Google search will provide several places that will pay people for their achievements, or even buy them from you.

4. Steam Currencies Converter

There are tons of Steam chat bots out there that will provide currency conversion for real life cash! The rates might not be the best in some cases, however if you’re looking to play games and make money on Steam at the same time this is one way to do it.

5. Steam Surveys and Offers

There are a lot of companies that will pay you to take surveys or complete offers. They do this in order to get market research on their products, but for us it’s free money! All you need is an email address and website access from the computer you’ll be playing games from. There are tons of places that will pay you for this information, so make sure when playing games on Steam to check all of your different options!

6. Steam Team Fortress and Dota Trading Bots

Trading bots are a great way to earn money from playing games. These bots provide an easy-to-use interface where players can trade items with each other or use the bots themselves to get the best prices. You can make money by selling items or trading them for profit! There are several different bots out there, so be sure to do your research before choosing one!

7. Steam Game Keys and CD-Keys

Did you know that Steam has a marketplace where people actually sell game keys? This is an easy way to not only get free games on Steam, but also make money selling keys you no longer need. Be sure to update your inventory and check this section frequently so that you can take advantage of all the different opportunities!

8. Steam Gifts

Gifting items is another great way to earn money from playing games through Steam. Just like trading cards or emoticons, you can sell your extra gifts for real money. One of the best things about selling these items is there isn’t a heavy competition, so you’re sure to get plenty of offers and good prices!

9. Selling Steam Accounts

Did you know that people actually buy Steam accounts? Although this may sound crazy at first, it’s something that happens every day around the world. All you have to do is find the specific type of account that your buyer wants, and start listing it! You can expect around $30-40 for a basic Steam account if it’s not banned or anything like that.

10. Selling items on the Community Market

Steam’s community market is an easy way to make money too! Just like other e-commerce platforms, you can list your items for sale and wait for the offers to start rolling in. Sometimes it might take a while, but there are usually plenty of people spending their cash on different things each day, so be patient and check often!

11. Selling Steam Games

Did you know that Steam actually lets other websites sell their games through its marketplace? This is a great way to make money off of any game that you have done little-to-no work on! All you need to do is find the right website, pick your price and let them take care of everything else. It’s an easy way to make money off of playing games!

12. Winning and Trading Rare Items

Playing games of varying difficulty levels to increase your chances of winning rare items is another way to make money on Steam. Setting up your inventory with the best items is important, so be sure that you are carefully considering which ones you will need in-game before buying them! Trading rare items is one of the fastest ways to earn real life cash through playing games, but it requires a lot of luck and patience in order for it to pay off.

13. Steam Community Market Arbitrage

The Steam market offers a great way for people who want to make money on playing games through arbitrage . This is when you find an item that’s being sold at different prices, buy it from one website and sell it somewhere else where the price is higher. It takes time and patience in order to do this, but the returns can be worth it!

14. Steam Community Guides and Blogs

There are a ton of different ways for people who want to make money on playing games through Steam. One is by checking out community guides or blogs that may help you in-game which provide an affiliate link or some way for them to generate revenue for you. There are tons of different guides and blogs out there, so be sure to check them all!

15. Sell in-game Cosmetics for Real Money

Selling in-game cosmetics for real money is a great way to make some extra cash while playing video games. The market has been growing fast and there are tons of different websites out there that will let you sell your items at the best prices!

The Bottom Line

There are many ways to make money playing video games and selling in-game content on Steam. Whether you’re looking for a way to earn real life cash or just want an easy opportunity, there is something here that can help! The best thing about these methods is they don’t require much work – the hard part is finding the right opportunities.

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